1. They were here.

    They were here.

    Their asses were in those seats.

    Well. Not those seats specifically. They’re replicas. But still.

    Adams and his derps. Teej and his ginger hair. Frankie and his three-foot streamers of old man drool. John Hancock, Space Pirate. Hammie and his flailing. Jemmy hiding in pockets.

    They were in this room.

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    It was so awesome to see this, Man. We couldn’t go in the room when we were there, but we got to see it.
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    I want to go there (and I’m not quoting Tina Fey)
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  28. francesca-langer said: Oh god. The feels I can’t handle it.
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    You don’t know how I lost my shit when I was in this room. Alicia does. But it was just You really can’t understand...
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